Lost Your Confidence?

By Max Kaplan So the bowl season has come and gone. My winter wishes came true in the form of an NHL collective bargaining agreement. While December may have been filled with “Best of” articles, there seems to be a lack of accountability in the world of sports statistics. For example, we are already seeing preliminary Top 25 rankings for NEXT season. No one evaluates … Continue reading Lost Your Confidence?

Dogs Vs. Cats and Other Bowl Mascots

By Max Kaplan

JACKSONVILLE – I am reporting from Jacksonville as the Mississippi State Bulldogs face the Northwestern Wildcats tomorrow in the Gator Bowl. The rivalry: Dogs Vs. Cats. Maybe now we can finally determine which is better…

Last week, I looked into the battle between Christian-affiliated schools and evil mascots.

But first, let’s have some more fun with mascots.

Most Popular Mascots in FBS

Go Tigers!
  • 5 Tigers (Auburn, Clemson, LSU, Memphis, Missouri)
  • 4 Wildcats (Arizona, Kansas State, Kentucky, Northwestern)
  • 4 Bulldogs (Fresno State, Georgia, Louisiana Tech, Mississippi State)
  • 3 Aggies (New Mexico St, Texas A&M, Utah State)
  • 3 Cougars (BYU, Houston, Washington State)
  • 3 Huskies (Connecticut, Washington, NIU)
  • 3 Owls (Florida Atlantic, Rice, Temple)

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The Triple Option Disadvantage

By Max Kaplan Tomorrow, Air Force plays Rice in the Armed Forces Bowl and Navy plays Arizona State in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl (click here for other ridiculous bowl names and click here for the Arizona State Sun Devil’s battle with God). The service academies and Georgia Tech, who will play USC in the Sun Bowl on Monday, currently run the triple option as … Continue reading The Triple Option Disadvantage

Good Vs. Evil (Bowl Edition)

By Max Kaplan Today, Duke plays Cincinnati in the Belk Bowl and Baylor plays UCLA in the Holiday Bowl. Baylor is only one of seven schools in Division 1 FBS (out of the 124 members) to have a religious affiliation. All seven are a denomination of Christianity. The full list: Baylor: Baptist Boston College: Catholic BYU: Mormon Notre Dame: Catholic SMU: Methodist TCU: The Christian … Continue reading Good Vs. Evil (Bowl Edition)

‘Tis the Season: Best College Football Bowl Names of All-Time

By Max Kaplan Today, the BYU Cougars defeated the San Diego State Aztecs in the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl. The San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl is a whopping 7-word title with a length of 39 characters. A close second is the 6-word Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl, coming in at 37 characters. This got me thinking. What are the … Continue reading ‘Tis the Season: Best College Football Bowl Names of All-Time