Good Vs. Evil (Bowl Edition)

By Max Kaplan

Today, Duke plays Cincinnati in the Belk Bowl and Baylor plays UCLA in the Holiday Bowl.

Baylor is only one of seven schools in Division 1 FBS (out of the 124 members) to have a religious affiliation. All seven are a denomination of Christianity. The full list:

  • Baylor: Baptist
  • Boston College: Catholic
  • BYU: Mormon
  • Notre Dame: Catholic
  • SMU: Methodist
  • TCU: The Christian Church
  • Tulsa: Presbyterian

On the other hand, Duke are the Blue Devils, the seeming anti-Christ. While Baylor and Duke are not playing each other directly, I wanted to see who has come out on top in history: God or the Devil?

In addition to Duke, Arizona State are the “other” Devils. If we include other “bad” mascots, we get an even 7-on-7 matchup of Good Vs. Evil. The full list of “bad”:

  • Arizona State: Sun Devils
  • Duke: Blue Devils
  • East Carolina: Pirates
  • Idaho: Vandals
  • Ole Miss: Rebels
  • Texas Tech: Red Raiders
  • UNLV: Rebels

So who triumphs? Here are the all-time bowl records of these fourteen teams:

Good Vs. Evil (Bowl Edition)

The universities with religious affiliations have played in far more bowls, indicating better regular seasons and a longer history of success. However, evil has the ever so slight lead in winning percentage, though both are only hovering around .500. There is a seeming parity between good and evil. It’s as though the forces of good and evil are hanging in the balance.

Though God may be on their side, schools with religious affiliations do not seem to have an advantage during Capital One Bowl Week. Just don’t be surprised to see a Hail Mary anyway.

One more thing: Wake Forest’s mascot is the Demon Deacon. I couldn’t figure out which category he fit into (both?). Can anyone explain to me who the Demon Deacon is?

The Demon Deacon
The Demon Deacon

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