Syndication, Employment, and Partnership Opportunities

There are many ways to partner with Princeton Sports Analytics.

  • Syndication – Of our members, we have experts in all major sports and in advanced econometrics, statistical principles, and mathematics. Our writers have had multiple articles nationally published. All interested media entities looking to enlist the help of Princeton Sports Analytics can reach out. We can tailor an article already written for syndication purposes or we can write an article on consignment to be published on your website with due credit given to our organization and contributors.
  • Employment – While our club is still in its nascent stages, the first set of graduating Princeton Sports Analytics members have gone on to work for professional sports clubs and other highly analytic jobs. If you are a sports entity looking to hire summer interns or graduating seniors, please reach out and we can put you in touch with multiple qualified candidates.
  • Professional Partnership – Princeton Sports Analytics is a fully student run organization. Our membership is made up of the most quantitative sports-loving students currently enrolled at Princeton. We receive numerous requests to do professional sports analytics (data mining, analysis, etc) every year and will evaluate opportunities on a case-by-case basis.

If interested in partnering with Princeton Sports Analytics, please reach out to Ethan Cohen.

One thought on “Syndication, Employment, and Partnership Opportunities

  1. Hi

    We are into sports analysis and analytics. But right now because of less funding we do not have any sports analytics engineer.
    Our website is
    Currently we focus on seven games….cricket, hockey, footbaal, volleyball, basketball, atheletics and badminton.
    Our main motivation is to provide basic sports analysis to the reach of players of each level.

    I would like to work on it with your help as you have much experiance.

    Please reply.

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