In 2023 and 2024, Mongolia will play home to three major international 3x3 competitions

Mongolia’s capital city of Ulaanbaatar will host the FIBA 3×3 Women’s Series Final in 2023, the FIBA 3×3 Nations League in 2023, and the FIBA 3×3 U23 World Cup in 2024.

After successfully hosting the FIBA 3×3 Asia Cup in 2017 and the FIBA 3×3 U18 World Cup in 2019, and after winning medals at every Asia Cup since 2017, Mongolia will continue to be a 3×3 hotspot and compete in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics (with the women).

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The nation’s dedication to 3×3 was reaffirmed when it was selected to host the 2023 FIBA 3×3 Women’s Series Final.


The same year, Mongolia will host the championship game for the FIBA 3×3 Nations League, a tournament for national teams comprised of men and women less than 23 years of age.

At long last, the FIBA 3×3 U23 World Cup will return to Ulaanbaatar in 2024 for its fourth iteration.

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This was announced on the fourth day of the Crelan FIBA 3×3 World Cup 2022, June 24. During the signing ceremony, FIBA 3×3 Managing Director Alex Sanchez and Myagmarjav Luvsandash, President of the Mongolia 3×3 Basketball Association and Member of the Mongolian National Olympic Committee, were present.



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